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Pineapple zipper pull.

Pineapple zipper pull.

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Shipping is $4.00 no matter how many zipper pulls you order!

Pineapples were once considered a symbol of wealth and status in Europe and were often used as centerpieces for important social events. As a result, pineapples became so popular that people started creating decorative pineapples out of materials like wood and stone, and even using pineapple-shaped serving dishes and candleholders. It was basically the 18th century equivalent of a "flex".

Zipper pulls are great on backpacks, purses, coat, pouches, wallets, cosmetic bags, handbags, gym bags...  the zipping possibilities are endless.

These 1" circle zipper pulls are not only cute but functional.  It's easier to grab and zip your zipper with a fun pull.

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(Shipping is a flat-rate of $4 no matter how many zipper pulls you order!)

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