world's greatest wallet

You have found the world's greatest wallet! This wallet is small (7-1/2 x 4") and thin (less than 1") but holds everything.

Why is this called the World's Greatest Wallet?

It was actually named by the client it was originally designed for.  After using it for the first time, Marley declared, “This wallet is AMAZING!  It is truly the world’s greatest wallet!”  The relaine wallet is the greatest because:
1. It is adorable and unique.  You will love using it and you will love the compliments you get when you are using it.

"I am still basking in the awesomeness of my wallet.  Every time I take it out someone asks me about it.”--Julie
2. Two large zipper pockets; one open pocket; and six card slots, each of which can hold at least 3 cards.

“It has great useable space and lots of room inside!”--Kayla
“Very sturdy and well-made.... and yes, it does hold a lot”--Megan
3. Even when packed full, this wallet maintains its shape.

“Love this wallet so much--it is slim and compact and holds everything!”--Carrie
“Versatile and durable and beautiful and quiet and lightweight, even when packed full of cards and change and my phone!  In a single word, PERFECT.”--Sara
4. This wallet is made by ME and only me in my own studio.  It is not made in a factory.  It is not made in China.

“The personal service and picturing one excellent seamstress making my unique wallet is a big selling point.”--Hallie
5. I take great pride in my construction and the superior quality of the materials that I use.

“Well made and beautifully designed.”—Pamela
“The zipper never catches. Never. I love that.”--Cynthia
“Sturdy material, stunning colors, and exquisite craftsmanship.  It’s functional as well as beautiful.”--Raye

No wallet ever has enough large zipper pockets, and this one has two--one inside and one on the back. It also has one open pocket and 6 card slots, each of which can hold at least two cards. A handy Velcro closure keeps it all together.

Another happy buyer says: "Love this wallet! Love. Bought it for a trip in July and cannot make myself go back to my old wallet. It has a space for everything. EVERYTHING."

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I also love to do custom orders. If you'd like a wallet and have a specific color or fabric in mind, let me know using the contact link at the bottom of the page.