Everyone needs their own reusable shopping bag(s). Many popular ones are shaped more like paper grocery bags. My Shopsacks are designed similar to a Target-style bag but made of fabric.

Shopsacks don't look very big, and they fold up pretty small, but they can hold a lot of groceries.

Shopsack testimonials!

"These Shopsacks ROCK! Except for 2 bags of chips and 3 bags of buns (didn't want them to get squished), I fit $85 worth of groceries in two sacks! They're so strong you can fit a TON in them! Oh, and the cashier was in love with them!"

"Shopsacks are awesome--just got back from Kroger and I can't believe how much they hold and how easy they are to carry! I usually have a bazillion plastic bags to bring in and I only had 3 after they got everything in my shop sacks. Thank you so much!"

"I love how my Shopsacks feel and look. I bought four and they are all color coordinated of the softest but strongest cotton. Even when full the Shopsack handles feel great on your arm or in your hand. Thanks for such wonderful environmentally friendly bags!"

Shopsacks for Earth Day!

Thanks to Kendra for this awesome picture of her mom, Cynthia, using shopsacks to be good to the Earth!


Use your shopsacks at Target and save!  

Target offers a 5 cent credit if you use your shopsacks!

How to fold your Shopsack: